Needs Sleep


Has there been stuff? Yeah, there's been stuff.

Do I feel like talking about it much? Not... really. It's like that other stuff that was going on before except it's sort of worse except I'm not there for it in person. Except for the other weekend when I was.

Mostly, there's been some strain with work!stuff, part in the getting-used-to-working-from-home thing and part in the my-company-is-not-doing-the-best sort of way. And there's been adjusting to new living space and things there.

So... tired? But there are good things, like dyed yarn and video games and PEOPLE and cookies. but... tired.

Miss you all.

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My stepmother's gone.

Not feeling it yet.

Gonna hit like a mallet between the eyes soon enough, I'm sure.

So instead, may I just say:

If you're reading this, I love you. If you're reading this, you've had an amazing impact on my life and you've made me smile at least once more than I would have otherwise. If you're reading this, you are a more fantastic, wonderful person than you can ever believe in your heart of hearts. If you're reading this, there's someone who loves you even if she doesn't say hello enough or show up enough or IM enough or even update this journal enough to really truly express that. If you're reading this, there is one more person than you might have thought who is thankful to have you in their life if only in text or a tweet or a moment's glance at a journal. And damn me if I'm going to let one more day pass without telling you.

That is all.
High Priestess

Destashing (any knitters, yarn types?)

...yeah, this isn't so much a newsupdate. That'll come soon enough.

Right now, though, I'm trying to get rid of some yarn.

For anyone on Ravelry, the easy link is here: [HERE]

For anyone else:

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If anyone's interested in like... some of the roving if you're a spinner? Lemme know and I can give you information on that.

Feel free to pass onto anyone you know who might be interested? I know the Wollmeise goes for a lot more on eBay and stuff but I'm just trying to get rid of things.

Any questions, comments below!


You know what sucks?

When you don't even want to put up another post because there's just MORE unpleasant CRAP that you don't feel like pouring onto other people and you're tired of posting things about the same bull but it's ruining your ability to, you know, DO STUFF and you feel people should know but you feel like you're complaining at other people and you don't want to.

That. Sucks.

On a fun note:

Sorry there haven't been too many updates lately. My Fotolog seems to get a lot of my rambling lately, if only because I talk about my fiber adventures there and, well, that's a lot of what's been going on lately.

But I should share here!

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More stuff to share, though! I've found two really interesting musicians. The first is more mainstream: Orianthi Panagris, which might look and even SOUND like pure pop at first glance but then HOLY SCHNIKIES electric guitar. And she's good. REALLY good. Give "Highly Strung" (instrumental) a listen. REALLY REALLY good. For something with actual vocals, "According to You", which was apparently on the radio last year and stuff, is also good.

Then there's Chameleon Circuit, which is a Doctor Who-themed band. And it's MUCH better than it sounds, even. Give "Awful Lot of Running" a try if you like the show at ALL.

...if you buy the album, I recommend a listen to "Journey's End" because really. Good summary ^_^

Uuuuh, nothing much else?
Stained Glass Who

*is a dork*

Poll #1554932 What Do I Spin Tonight?

Which one do I spin? I want to try some of the new stuff...

This delicious alpaca in blue, green, and brown
This wonderful BFL in blue, pink, brown and white
Practice practice practice with more of that "grey" Suffolk
Give the jeweltone Finn a spin
Finish up one of the ones you've already been working with already.
Raid the downstairs bathroom for cotton balls and be Truly Silly for the night.
Needs Sleep

Life, the roving, and everything.

So lately, I haven't been RPing much at all. I also haven't been knitting. The part of my brain that started off the creative process seemed to have gone on vacation. That's kind of why I started spinning which, honestly, has been one of the most helpful things in dealing with all the crazy. It creates without much need for creativity, the touch aspect is very soothing, and the whole "able to play with rare wool types" was totally my thing. So I've been spinning and that's good.

But I missed my RP. And my RP friends which all right, never so much went away as kept going, leaving me a little lost. And I think I'm ready but oh man. The fun of figuring out what my pups have been up to. Tonight, I think, will be writing all that up. Then I'm going to ask a couple of people to look it over. And then and only then, I think, will I poke the various mods.

But I think I'm ready. I really hope so. I took a shower this morning and read a book and chilled out and took pictures of my pretty yarn... I feel good. I just kind of wish Mercury wasn't in retrograde. Silly, I know, but I'm almost tempted to wait on it.

I'll see how the muses work out tonight. And the possible new PB for Fiona. Gotta see.

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Seriously... WTF

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Dear Real Life of Mine,

I have been a subscriber for some time. There have been some ups and downs, some bad decisions and of course good ones, but recently I've noticed a trend that has made me wonder if I should not, in fact, focus my efforts on integrating my mind entirely with the internet like some terrible anime.

That is why I'm writing in to question your choice of material of late. Previously, you were made of spaz and geek and cheese and dork and ridiculous and mildly sanity-threatening. Your switch over to 'unfiltered nitro-glycerin with a nitrous oxide chaser' has, understandably, confused and worried me. I would urge you to consider a more stable base material and would request that this decision be made post haste.

Your ever-loyal consumer,

Needs Sleep


Okay knee? I wish you *didn't* know how to quit me. Whatever Cam might shout in the heat of virtual battle, knees? Not a privilege.

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Le Weekend Home

First of all, thank you all for the suggestions! As I was home alone and needed to keep to small portions, I did tiny versions of several of the suggestions given: butternut squash was NOMFUL and pretty cheap since I used it in three different meals and the amount I got pre-chopped was like... $2.00; cake recipe was nomful! Chocolate cake recipe was nomful. Other recipes will be used when family is home and they WILL TRY IT, DAMMIT.

Used the GC that I got from my step-brother for Christmas/Birthday to get Dragon Age: Awakening which I am enjoying VERY VERY much if only for the shiny new skills and the spiffy new armors. I imported my Warden, since poor Liir is just one of my favorite characters for playing through in that game. My poor wee little elf mage ^_^

Watched the new Who and am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with Matt Smith's Eleven. Thrilled and tickled pink and love and squee. I was capslocking a full half hour after I watched it the first time and then had a brief five minute capslock period after the second. No, no, really, I liked the whole thing. If you didn't, that's your business. But I liked it. Watched it twice, thought about it, looked for fridge logic... STILL LIKED IT. Companion and all ^_^. Especially companion! Also discovered that old iPod cord works to connect iPhone to TV so yay don't have to buy a new one.

Discovered new way to make microwave coffee cup cakes. YAY for pudding and honey.

Made steak into deliciousness tonight with a lovely salt rub etc. Quite pleased with the results since it was very cheap meat initially but it all turned out all right. Actually only ate about half of it and wrapped the rest for the fridge.

Hopping back, went to go see Joco and Paul and Storm on Friday and they were BRILLIANT. Loved it. Terrible service for the food but loved the experience. AND AND AND the one thing I was craving at the concert (... dear Highline Ballroom, whatever you served me was NOT 'cod fritter' by any definition; this is a cod fritter, goddammit and PS: marzipan is not almond meal mushed with stuff and baked into annihilation) was what my grandpa randomly made for me on Saturday, so I NOMMED omg. NOOOMMED.

Watched all of Pumpkin Scissors (which was good even if the anime stopped just when the Real Plot starts, dammi!) and then pulled out Martian Successor Nadesico which apparently mephron has not really seen which I declared a TRAVESTY and will be correcting soon enough.

But my SPAZZIEST spaz achievement goes to my yarn work. Recently, honestly, I haven't had a knitting urge... I've been spinning yarn, using some roving I bought to try and some roving I was given as a present by a dear friend (*waves to mephron*). The first try, using some old wool that I'd bought ages ago, came out... all right. Pretty thick and thin, a little over spun at parts. Second try came out thick and thin as well, though less so. I was happier with that yarn. Third try, however... *points below the cut*

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SO YEAH. Weekend home alone was kind of lonely but not BAD and there was good food and there was spinning and productivity and I bought a new shampoo and conditioner today and I'll be trying it during my shower tonight BWEE!